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In 1992, an enterprising group of early immigrants from Marinduque to the Capital Area formed MACA with the original intent to help poor Marinduqueños afford the education necessary to become upstanding, self-supporting members of society. Despite limited resources at hand, after a variety of fundraising efforts, the Scholarship Program was launched. In this program, a large list of potential Scholars was reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, and ultimately, a select few were chosen. This group of scholars has earned college degrees in fields such as Education, Engineering, and Computer Technology. The program continues to this day.

Concurrently, many of the fundraising and cultural activities have become annual traditions: Christmas Caroling, participation of the Moriones (a Marinduque tradition based on the story of Longinus, the Roman Centurion who pierced the side of Jesus Christ) in the Philippine Independence Day parade, the Annual Picnic, and the celebration of the traditional greeting “Putong” ceremony at community gatherings, to name a few.

In 1995, the Philippines National Health Insurance Act was passed (later amended by the Republic Act 9241 in February 2004) with the intent of creating a universal healthcare program for all Filipinos. Toward that end, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Phil-Health) was created to administer this program. In order to support the spirit of this initiative and to help encourage our needier kababayan to participate, MACA has embarked on a fundraising initiative to contribute to the financial pool in cooperation with the Vice-Governor of Marinduque, the Honorable Dr. Antonio Uy.

As we look to the future, MACA’s leadership transitions from the founding generation to the second generation Filipino-Americans. With the same vision and concern for our hometown and local community, armed with the education and opportunities they have been afforded by the efforts of their forebears here in America, the members of the former Young Marinduqueño Association of the Capital Area step forward to take their place as leaders in the community. During this transition period, they will be able to call on the wise counsel of Celso T. Mataac, Jr., President-in-Transition.

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